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5 Reasons Why You Need Invoicing Software: See What Toutt Can Do

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Working as an independent contractor isn’t easy. As an army of one, you’re responsible for delivering quality work, expanding revenue streams, and running the back end of your business all at the same time.

Fortunately, with Toutt, you have the world’s best invoicing software in your corner. Toutt is the one stop shop of invoicing software, helping you manage your task calendar, invoicing, and client information with ease. As your intuitive, easy-to-use platform, Toutt saves you time – and money – by taking the pain out of:

1. Online Invoicing

As your new (and final) online invoicing software, Toutt helps you send invoices to customers quickly, easily, and with impeccable style. Toutt arms you with clean, professional, and robust invoicing templates that impress clients and help you get paid faster. For independent contractors, online invoicing software has never been this easy and rewarding.

  • Using condensed, summary, or detailed views, you can go deep or keep it easy, populating the fields you need and eschewing the ones you don’t.
  • Invoices get sent via email directly from the Toutt app, so there’s no need to manually input email addresses.
  • You can also write a personalized message to your client that is sent with the invoice. Plus, integration with client management, time and task tracking, and expense tracking helps you auto-populate relevant fields, saving you even more time and effort.

2. Managing Client & Project Information

Managing client information is crucial to ensuring successful projects and client retention. That’s why Toutt helps you stay organized by saving important client and project information in one place, allowing you to keep track of all client contacts, projects, durations, and more with minimal effort. Information entered into Toutt project management is automatically reconciled with time tracking and other tools, reducing administrative work and keeping you focused on what matters: billable work. Additionally, Toutt can help you stay organized, allowing you to label and sort projects using both verbal and color coding.

3. Tracking Time

Accurately tracking and recording billable time is the key to understanding profitability. Toutt is here to help you ditch spreadsheets, print-outs, and over-engineered time trackers in favor of what really works: intuitive, clean time tracking. Whether you’re working on large projects, daily tasks, or any effort in between, Toutt helps you spend less time tracking time spent, and more time making customers happy. Once your time is recorded, Toutt helps you seamlessly generate and send professional invoices to your clients.

4. Tracking Tasks

In addition to time tracking, tasks are color-coded and organized by project, category (such as meetings, research, and content creation) and a task description to further explain each task. You can filter through each category at any time to view your hours and time management details.

5. Taxes & Expenses

Finally, the elephant in the room: taxes. Everybody’s least favorite part of being an independent contractor. When revenue streams come, go, expand, and contract, tracking and setting aside tax revenue can be a burden. That’s why Toutt makes tax and expense tracking easier than ever.

  • You can enter in an expense and choose if it is billable to a client or not. If not, it will further organize the expense into an IRS category, helping you organize your write-offs with ease.
  • Toutt can send you automatic reminders when it’s time to make quarterly payments, helping you avoid stress, late payments, and dreaded fees.
  • If you need to export data, Toutt lets you download tax data into a spreadsheet – along with invoicing income and other, miscellaneous expenses – for easy routing to your accountant.

Plus, Toutt provides detailed information on how to file taxes depending on your business entity type (corporation, LLC, sole proprietor, etc.), as well as a checklist for everything you need to know when starting your business (such as opening a bank account, securing appropriate licensing, etc.). With Toutt at your side, your bases are covered…and then some.

The Bottom Line

By helping you manage client information, track time, taxes, and expenses, and invoice with ease, Toutt lets you spend less time on the back end – and more time making money. That’s why we call ourselves the world’s best invoicing software for independent contractors, bar none.

Ready to save time and money by using Toutt?

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