A happy customer of Toutt Time Tracking and Invoicing Software on a billable video call with a client.

Meet Toutt: The Best Time Tracking and Invoicing Software for Independent Contractors

Toutt is the one and only invoicing and time tracking software needed for independent contractors. Manage your back office tasks with ease, all in one place!

Toutt is built on the dream of helping independent consultants significantly reduce the burden of running their businesses, so they can focus on supporting their clients. The time and energy that’s required to manage the backend of a business while at the same time working as a consultant is significant, and it can be tough to manage when you’ve got a full work schedule.

Toutt was founded by Rebecca Batterson, a seasoned Independent Consultant who was frustrated with all the work she needed to do to manage her consulting business adequately. She wanted to focus her time and energy on meeting her clients’ needs. In addition, it didn’t make sense to her to spend significant time on tedious tasks that don’t generate income. Her vision for a solution was an all-in-one, (super) user-friendly, and streamlined software application, but none of the tools available met her needs, so she founded Toutt.

Toutt’s powerful application package tackles all the challenges of time tracking, client database management, invoicing, tracking business expenses, tracking government registrations and filings, tracking tax payments, and more. Plus, Toutt’s features are seamlessly integrated, streamlined, and highly flexible to meet the varying needs of a broad spectrum of users across all industries. We design every feature to maximize the user experience, as well as to have a professional appearance.

We promise to bring you best-in-class solutions and advocate for the modern Independent consultant. We focus on your needs so you can focus on your clients’ needs, and spend your time doing the work you enjoy!

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